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Communication Skills Enhancement

Client Relations, Presentation Delivery & Conversational English Proficiency

ATTENTION: Managers & Supervisors, Starting Entrepreneurs, Public Servants, Aspiring Leaders, Professionals in the Customer Service Indistry,

Anyone Who Wants to Improve Their Communication Skills


Available Webinar Schedules

11 January 2022 | Tuesday | 9:00am-11:00am

20 January 2022 | Thursday | 9:00am-11:00am

25 January 2022 | Tuesday | 9:00am-11:00am

03 February 2022 | Thursday | 9:00am-11:00am

(via Zoom)



Effective oral communication skills and English proficiency are vital in increasing the productivity of professionals in business, government service and various industries. They ensure that messages are sent across completely, clearly, and accurately in order to reduce conflict, increase sales, boost customer satisfaction and maintain a positive working environment.


The seminar-workshop aims too improve one’s ability to accurately and clearly communicate messages to various audiences in the most effective, appropriate and strategic way possible. It bridges the need to understand messages from other the actual application of the communication principles in different workplace scenarios.

Who Should Participate

Managers & supervisors
Starting entrepreneurs
Public servants & aspiring leaders
Professionals in the customer service industry
Professionals who want to improve their communication skills

Key Topics

I. The LEAP™ Method of IPG-TIPA

II. Elements, Types & Effects of Communication


III. The Communication Process

IV. Communication Barriers

V. Principles of Effective Communication

VI. English Proficiency Training (CLAPPER™ of IPG-TIPA)

  • Confidence & Articulateness

  • Pronunciation & Twang

  • Language Focus

  • Client Effectiveness


VII. Workshop on Communication Skills

  • Optimized Presentation Delivery

  • The Art of the Pitch

  • Customer Service & Client Relations

  • Face to Face Networking

  • Personal Branding 

WEBINAR FEE: Php. 2,000.00

(Payment made through bank deposit atleast 1 day [cut-off time: 4:00pm] before the seminar)

(Credit/Debit Card payments are accepted via PayPal)

*Please make all check payments payable to "IPG Training Institute for Professional Advancement"

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