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Effective Time Management

ATTENTION: Frontline Employees/Officials, Customer Relations’ Officers, Liaison Officers, Telephone Operators, Technical Assistants, Human Relations Officers, Administrative Officers, HRD, Business Owners/Employers, Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders & Staff


Century Park Hotel - Vito Cruz, Manila








The term Time Management makes us think that we manage time -- BUT time can’t be managed! The typical mindset on Time Management is about applying techniques and tips – things outside of you. But the first step that you must take is to realize that you have to manage yourself (self-management) for any approach to work.

Time Management Strategies are a key part of getting control of your time. Most people need some sort of a system to save time and make time -- because it is pretty much impossible to keep it all in your head. In today's world, and with all the time pressures, you need to follow a set of strategies that will help you overcome modern day time.


  • Create a Personalized Time Management System

  • Goal setting and Time Management

  • Prioritize using the 80-20 rule

  • Learning Time Management Rule

  • Saying NO without saying No!

  • Plan Organized Living

  • Prioritize Effectively with Multitasks

  • Manage and Control Crises

  • Values Clarification with Superiors and Subordinates

  • Increase Productivity

  • Reduce your Stress Levels

  • Balance Work and Personal Priorities

  • Stephen Covey’s Time Management Matrix

  • Pareto Principle

  • Smart Goals

  • Minor time wasters

  • Major time wasters

Seminar Fee:
Php. 3,000.00 per participant
Inclusive of snacks, learning materials and certificate

Please make all check payments payable to "IPG Training Institute for Professional Advancement"

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