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eLearning: Adopting the Challenges Beyond

ATTENTION: Learners, Businesses, Employers, Parents, Trainers, Technology Users

Available Webinar Schedule

15 October 2020 | Thursday | 5:00pm-7:00pm

(via Zoom)



Digital learning is an instructional practice that ultimately helps learners, students, and business. It makes use of a broad range of technology-enhanced educational strategies. It includes blended learning, flipped learning, personalized learning, and other strategies that rely on digital tools to a small or large degree. eLearning uses digital tools not simply continue it via a digital means, but thoughtful integration of technology to enable learners to actively engage with ideas and their peers does enhance the learning experience. Strategic challenges that tackle countless tangible and abstract variables—devices, software, classroom practices, professional development, and collaboration among the many stakeholders just to name a few are to be adopted.


  • What is eLearning?

  • Pros and cons of eLearning

  • eBusiness in eLearning

  • Benefits of eLearning

  • Challenges of eLearning platform

  • A big growth in education market under electronic learning

  • Evolution of education technology

  • Blended learning

  • Preparing students for a life-long learning

  • Digital age learning model

  • Delivery mode will change under eLearning

  • Teaching will change

  • Learning monitoring and grading will change

  • Trainers/Teachers obligation in eLearning environment

  • Building an eLearning culture

  • Some eLearning tools

  • How to adopt to eLearning challenges


COVID-19 PROMO: Php. 1,000.00 (Inclusive of eCertificate)


Avail of this Webinar for only Php. 1,000.00 compared to the on-site seminar of Php. 3,500.00

(Payment made through bank deposit atleast 1 day [cut-off time: 3:00pm] before the seminar)

(Credit Card payments are accepted via PayPal)

*Please make all check payments payable to "IPG Training Institute for Professional Advancement"

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