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Records Management

(Trends, Challenges, and Practices)

ATTENTION: Accounting and Finance Department, Administrative Officers, HRD, Business Owners/Employers


Available Webinar Schedule

01 September 2022 | Thursday | 6:00pm-8:00pm

(via Zoom)

Record keeping is an important part of any organization. Records management programs is seen as basically a regulatory requirement rather than as adding any sort of strategic advantage. This is rapidly changing as organizations are moving towards and digitally transforming, finding new ways to leverage records as operational and strategic assets.


Records consist of information created, received and maintained as evidence of business activities. While the definition of a record is o­­ften identified strongly with a document, a record can be either a tangible object or digital information which has value to an organization.

Records Management is a specialized branch of document management that deals with information serving as evidence of an organization’s business activities. Records management includes a set of recognized practices related to the life cycle of that information, such as identifying, classifying, archiving, preserving and destroying records.


·      Why do we need to preserve records?

·      Characteristics of records

·      Why records management? 10 business reasons

·      Challenges of records management

·      Importance of database in records management

·      Principles of good records management

·      Record Life Cycle

·      Record storage and preservation

·      Appraisal and Disposition of records

·      How to conduct inventory under National Achieves of the Philippines

WEBINAR FEE: Php. 2,000.00

(Payment made through bank deposit atleast 1 day [cut-off time: 4:00pm] before the seminar)

(Credit/Debit Card payments are accepted via PayPal)

*Please make all check payments payable to "IPG Training Institute for Professional Advancement"

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